Plans for cemetery's mausoleum expansion

February 17, 2017

An artist's impression of what an expansion to the Cobram Cemetery's mausoleum would look like.

An information session will be held early next week to discuss plans for a possible expansion to the mausoleum at the Cobram Public Cemetery.

The night will be a chance for people to express interest in the mausoleum and gauge a level of support from the community for a further expansion to the existing mausoleum.

RCW Group’s Tom O’Brien, who will be speaking at the session and was involved in the design and construction of the mausoleum’s previous stages, said it was a chance to provide more information and awareness about the mausoleum.

It’s understood there is little space remaining in the existing building, including very little premium stock in the rotunda area.

Mr O’Brien has created concept designs and a masterplan to show people what the finished project will be like, which will be available to view at the session.

‘‘If there is a demand for additional stock, the project will be built over several stages to maintain viable finances of the trust,’’ Mr O’Brien said.

‘‘If there is a demand, it will more than likely entail a 40-crypt addition.’’

Mr O’Brien said mausoleums had always been quite prevalent in Italy and since changes to regulations allowing above-ground interment in Australia, more than 20000 crypt spaces had been built in Melbourne.

He said compared to Melbourne’s six-high style, Cobram’s were only four-high and was much better for visitation.

‘‘The design life criteria for the mausoleum is 100 years. They are built out of concrete and built to last,’’ he said.

‘‘One advantage of a mausoleum is that there is no maintenance requirement from family members and that the interment space is held for perpetuity.

‘‘Any maintenance such as repainting is the responsibility of the trust.’’

Mr O’Brien said mausoleums offered ability for future generations to have somewhere to go, show respect and reflect on lives of their forebears.

‘‘The final design concept of the mausoleum is meant to be an area that is enclosed and becomes a place of reflection and meditation — hence the U-shape courtyard arrangement,’’ he said.

‘‘The importance of the mausoleum (and indeed cemeteries) is to provide a focal point for families and future generations.’’

People can also make an expression of interest in the mausoleum on the night.

●The Cobram Cemetery Trust’s mausoleum information night will be held on Monday, February 20 at 8pm at the Cobram Italian Social Club. Bookings preferred, phone 0418306265.

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