Giant tomato tales still growing

February 17, 2017

Still growing: Although not getting the same size as in the past, Frank Galati is still growing plenty of tomatoes.

There has been a lot of talk about the size of the tomatoes growing in Cobram recently, sparking a lot of healthy competition in the community.

Last week in the Courier, a story showcased the 1.25kg whopper that Tony Raco grew in his vegie patch.

But a visit to the Courier office last week from Frank Galati has again shown the benchmark set pretty high.

Mr Galati pointed out in the paper’s archives an article that was written about him on Wednesday, February 13, 2002.

In it, Mr Galati talked about the secrets to his success in growing big tomatoes before making reference to the biggest one he had been able to grow.

The article from 2002 said Mr Galati had grown a monster 1.4kg tomato way back in 1997, which Mr Galati said was due to it being an ideal season for tomato growing.

‘‘I used to grow the big variety of tomato,’’ he said. ‘‘But after a while I realised they just weren’t that nice to eat.

‘‘Now I just settle for a nice-sized tomato that I know tastes great, which growing your own vegetables and fruit is all about.’’

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