Snake versus spider in battle royale

February 16, 2017

A still from a video showing a battle between a baby brown snake and a deadly redback spider at Cobram's North Vic Engines.

Forget all the epic animal battles you've seen before - this one is like no other.

When a venomous baby brown snake slithered its way into the workshop of North Vic Engines Cobram, there was someone there to save the day. 

Their pet redback spider.

In an encounter that Sir David Attenborough would be proud to narrate, the deadly spider, slowly descending to the floor, soon had the slippery reptile cornered in it's web and it eventually pounced with a death strike.

Despite the short length of the video, the battle-to-the-death went on for about an hour.

Since the video of the battle between reptile and insect was posted online on Wednesday night, it's been viewed more than two million times and has more than 15,000 comments, 16,000 shares and 10,000 reactions. 

See the full video below.

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