Spooky find at Cobram cemetery

February 16, 2017

Strange occurence: A mysterious plaque has turned up at the Cobram Cemetary, despite the person not being buried there.

Cobram sleuthing extraordinaires get your detective skills ready: a mysterious remembrance plaque has turned up at the Cobram Cemetery.

The plaque is in memory of Wieslaw Biernacki, who died in 2009 but is not buried at Cobram.

Cobram Cemetery Trust’s Rachel McKay said the plaque was found near the cemetery’s mausoleum on New Year’s Day, close to the anniversary of the date of death.

She rang Births, Deaths and Marriages for more information and was told Mr Biernacki was buried by State Trustees at the Altona cemetery.

Mrs McKay then contacted the Altona cemetery to ask if the plaque was missing, but found plaques like that were not allowed and the headstone was intact.

‘‘It’s just odd — it doesn’t appear that he had any family,’’ she said.

‘‘But the plaque shows that there’s someone out there who has thought of him or cared for him.’’

Mrs McKay said it was possible Mr Biernacki could have lived near the river at some point and the plaque could have been placed down the river.

She said the plaque could have been covered with leaf litter or similar and the recent floods could have uncovered it for someone to find and take back to the cemetery.

Mrs McKay said the cemetery trust was hoping to reunite the plaque with a friend or family member or find it an appropriate home.

●Anyone with information can contact the Cobram Cemetery Trust.

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