Video tribute to silos

February 15, 2017

Eye in the sky: This photo of the Cobram grain silos from above was captured using Simon Pollock's Phantom 3 Pro done. Picture:

A video tribute to Cobram’s towering grain silos has been created in the wake of an application for their demolition.

The video, the brainchild of former local Simon Pollock, was filmed all in one day when he visited Cobram recently.

As well as reminiscing about the history of the silos, the video features sweeping footage of local farmland, Cobram’s streetscape and the Murray River.

Mr Pollock said he found out about the silos potentially being demolished when Fred Mustica posted on the Cobram 3644 Facebook site.

He said after calling out for anyone to film some footage of the silos, he decided to make the trek back to his old stomping grounds from Melbourne with friend Lee Herbet.

Mr Herbet also filmed some of the footage and edited the video’s final cut, and his website hosts the final product.

Mr Pollock said the decision to make the video followed on from a school project in primary school, where students were asked to come up with ideas to promote Cobram.

‘‘I thought since the silos were a part of my primary schooling, where I submitted a plan to council to make them a tourist attraction – I wanted to have stairs that went around the outside and have a platform on top, so tourists could come to Cobram and climb the tower and look over the landscape,’’ he said.

‘‘I thought, before they were going to be demolished, that we should come up here and make a bit of a film and make a bit of a memory of my childhood growing up in Cobram.’’

Mr Pollock said while talking to local residents, he’d discovered that many people wanted to see the silos preserved or transformed into an apartment complex or something else.

‘‘It’s interesting because they stand above the landscape in Cobram that...when you talk to people about these sorts of things, you think ‘I remember that’,’’ he said.

‘‘I think the silos are going to be missed, even if they are just an empty grain silo.

‘‘I think Cobramites would prefer the silo stay on their horizon, Cobram has the space to develop around it and not demolish it – make it into art!

‘‘Anything, just keep it. I live in Melbourne where anything vaguely old is being knocked down in favour of mostly ugly new developments, and I’d hate to see this trend continue in our regional towns and cities.’’

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