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February 15, 2017

Kensal Estate owner Tom Ley. Kensal Estate is situated in Cobram

With the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo kicking off this Friday, some local Cobram producers will be joining in the festivities and showing off what they do best.

With the expo running for three days, the Cobram producers are sure to get people talking.

Blonde D’Aquitaine stud beef cattle

Cobram’s Blonde D’Aquitaine stud beef cattle owner Ian Fox said he had been going to the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo for close to 15 years.

He said while it was named an ‘alternative’ expo, a lot of farmers and their families treated the three-day event as a family outing.

‘‘With our breed of blonde cattle, you are able to create a bit of interest and get people talking,’’ Mr Fox said.

‘‘The Seymour expo is different to an event like the Melbourne Show where the public aren’t allowed in to see the cattle.

‘‘In Seymour it is a much more relaxed vibe that I, and the cattle, enjoy.

‘‘The animals don’t have to be tied down or anything like that, they will be in a pen and able to be as close to home in Cobram as possible.

‘‘I think the public and farmers appreciate that — farmers don’t want to come and see the cattle tied down, they get nothing out of that.’’

Mr Fox said he always gets a lot out of the Seymour expo, where sales for his stock are good.

‘‘I will have my own marquee set up on site with some exhibits for people to have a look at.

‘‘We usually take a few bulls and some cross-breeds too.’’

Mr Fox has the biggest collection of the breed in the country, by almost double.

Kensal Estate Wines

Tom Ley of Kensal Estate Wines, just outside Cobram, plans to give those attending the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo a treat for their tastebuds.

Mr Ley said he would be taking a full display of his products from the winery, around 25 in total, and people would be able to taste test and compare their favourite wines with the ability to purchase them.

‘‘We do see a boost to the business when we come to Seymour,’’ Mr Ley said.

‘‘After going to Seymour for around five years now, we sort of know what to expect but it certainly is an enjoyable experience.’’

Mr Ley said there were usually four or five other wineries at the expo, and it was good to compare how each other’s harvest was for the year and just compare industry notes.

‘‘It looks like being a busy couple of weeks for us at Kensal Wines,’’ Mr Ley said.

‘‘We have the Seymour expo this week followed by another week in Melbourne then in three weeks’ time our 2017 harvest season begins so we have to enjoy the quieter time now.’’

Australian Native

Farm Forestry

Ron Dikkenberg of Australian Native Farm Forestry, who will be returning to the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo for the fourth time, thinks Seymour is a better place for his company to be than the Elmore or Henty field days.

‘‘I am not too sure why Seymour is a better place for us to be, but it just seems to work out that way,’’ Mr Dikkenberg said.

‘‘We tend to think it is because there are more hobby farmers on site that are attracted to what we sell.’’

Last year, the Australian Native Farm Forestry stall was set up right in front of the Animal Nursery, something Mr Dikkenberg thought might not work out well for them.

‘‘It actually turned out quite well,’’ he said.

‘‘Once it started, you realise how many people like to see the animals and when they wanted to do that they had to walk right by us.’’

Mr Dikkenberg said he would be taking a different approach when it came to the products for sale at his stall this year.

‘‘In the past we have taken bigger plants thinking that would be what people wanted.

‘‘But the more we thought about it, it meant that some people might be put off having to carry around a big plant and then get it home.

‘‘So this year we will be taking much more smaller plants and maybe people will pick up a couple of them.

‘‘The Seymour Expo is a great way to just get your name out there, and we have found that we have a lot of ongoing customers coming from the area.’’

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