Trip into town turns into $5000 holiday

February 15, 2017

Lucky winner: Lloyd Buchanan accepts the winner $5000 holiday voucher from Noonan Showcase Jewllers’ Sinead Simkin.

Yalca’s Lloyd Buchanan is a lucky man.

While making the trip into Cobram before Christmas to do his present shopping, Mr Buchanan decided to drop into Noonans Showcase Jewellers.

After spending more than $99, he also went into the running to win a $5000 holiday voucher that was run right across Australia and New Zealand, with just three winners to be selected.

Much to his surprise, Mr Buchanan won.

‘‘To be honest with you, I had completely forgotten about the competition altogether,’’ he said.

‘‘So when I first got the call to let me know I had won, I was pretty confused, and then I just thought it was a joke and it was just someone messing around.

‘‘But when the person on the other end wouldn’t hang up and kept telling me I had won, it finally sunk in what had happened.’’

Mr Buchanan said this type of thing never happened to him.

‘‘I haven’t won a thing in my life, but I am pretty happy about it,’’ he said.

When asked about his holiday plans, Mr Buchanan said his first thoughts were to head up to Queensland for a nice trip, but he was starting to change his mind.

‘‘The more I think about it, $5000 would be a nice amount to sneak overseas for a little while,’’ he said.

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